What We Do

DRB Hypnosis helps individuals relieve stress and anxiety, achieve prosperity, and explore new areas of their minds.

Executives overcome limitations while businesses improve operational performance.

Human resource departments use DRB Hypnosis to broaden the suite of services available to employees.

DRB Hypnosis, LLC does not work with individuals under 21, or people with drug or alcohol addictions. Hypnosis can be very effective in these cases, but that treatment requires special training. We provide references for anyone interested in these specialized services.

Session Length and Pricing

All sessions are with a State Certified Clinic Hypnotherapist who has at least 500 hours of approved training. A session consists of two contiguous hours. Fifteen minutes is reserved at the end of the second hour for administration. 

Payment is due at the close of each session. Cash, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted for payment.

Pricing for Two-Hour Sessions

$180 per session

Single Session

One two-hour session

Ask about your new client special

$150 per session

Three Sessions

$ 450 package price
Save $90
$125 per session

Five Sessions

$ 625 package price
Save $275

Discounted pricing requires payment-in-full in advance

Active U.S. military and veterans are extended a 10% discount on packaged services. Law enforcement (active and retired) and those in the healthcare profession are also given a 10% discount on packaged services.

Package pricing must be paid in advance at the end of the first session.

Session Cancellations and Rescheduling

To cancel a session, contact DRB Hypnosis, LLC at least twenty-four hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in $100 charge.

While every effort will be made to quickly reschedule any missed sessions, the timing of a new session is subject to staff availability.

Insurance and Treatment Guidelines

Hypnotherapists can work with anyone who is seeing them for a non-medically diagnosed condition. However, the cost of the sessions is born by the client.


Hypnosis is not covered by health insurance plans. Lobbying efforts are underway to change this, but currently no insurance plan covers hypnotherapy as a primary form of care.


If the client is seeking help with a diagnosed condition, then there are additional guidelines which must be considered.


By law, hypnotherapists are not permitted to independently treat medially diagnosed conditions.


Hypnotherapists can work with clients who have a medically diagnosed condition if the patient had been referred by a healthcare professional. This referral allows the hypnotherapist to work in conjunction with a medical professional who provides advice, guidance, and overall supervision of the treatment.


While hypnosis has been used for centuries as a treatment technique by medical and healthcare professionals the number of individuals capable of effecting change remains relatively small.


Even among the hypnosis community, few practitioners have the training required to be certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by the State of Florida Department of Education.


Currently in Florida, only one institution is qualified to offer this level of training. For this certification students must complete 500 plus hours of education and several rigorous exams.


All DRB Hypnosis, LLC hypnotherapists are certified by the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy under the direction of the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education, License 3448.

Lectures, Workshops & Clinics

We maintain an active schedule of lectures, workshops, and clinics on a variety of topics including some esoteric issues and those related to the paranormal.

Please check our calendar for upcoming events. 

If you are interested in arranging for a lecture or workshop, please contact DRB Hypnosis, LLC.

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